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Intimate Wedding
and Elopement Packages

Coastal Cliffs Intimate Wedding Venue-bride & groom dancing

Having a reception requires that you hire a wedding planner.

We have a great working relationship with our local wedding planners. They will handle all of the details for your reception, based on your needs. Of course, if you have a wedding planner, please have them connect with us.

Coastal Cliffs Intimate Wedding Venue-bride & groom cutting cake

Wedding Packages

Vow Renewal – $1,195

   Maximum 7 people – Wedding couple & up to 6 guests

Petite Elopement – $1,295

   Maximum 3 people – Wedding couple & 1 guest

Elopement for Two with Honeymoon Suite – $1,595 

   Maximum 7 people – Wedding couple and up to 5 guests 

Intimate Wedding with 6 to 14 guests – $2,295

   Maximum 16 people – Wedding couple & up to 14 guests

Intimate Wedding with 15 to 25 guests – $2,795

   Maximum 27 people – Wedding couple & up to 25 guests

Intimate Wedding vs. Elopement

There are differences between an elopement and an intimate wedding and, understanding the difference can make the planning process easier for everyone. 

Both types of ceremonies are small weddings and more simple than a “traditional” wedding, and can be even more romantic. Both involve few, or even no guests. 

Intimate Destination Weddings

By standard definition, a destination wedding is a ceremony and reception that's held someplace other than where the bride and groom live.

An Intimate Destination Wedding is for the couple who wants a small wedding and to really focus on the details and create an intimate experience for each guest that might be difficult to achieve for a large number of guests.

At Coastal Cliffs, we offer small, Intimate Destination weddings for you, your soon-to-be spouse and up to 25 of your close family and friends and up to 5 pre-teen children.



Elopements have evolved over the years. Originally, eloping had a specific old-world romance connotation since they were often done in secret or in a whirlwind of passion without much planning.

Elopements require less planning and considerably less expense than a “traditional” wedding.  In an elopement the ceremony is the key focus of the celebration, and it is typically much shorter than a traditional wedding ceremony.

An elopement is typically just the wedding couple and two or three members of their immediate family, if that, and/or their witnesses. This can be great if you get overwhelmed with decisions and just want to skip to the part where you say, "I do."

An elopement can be super intimate, where it’s just you and your lover in a beautiful place.

An elopement can also be you, your lover, your vendors, and a few special guests. At Coastal Cliffs, we still consider it an elopement if you have 10 or fewer guests.

Your Hosts

Coastal Cliffs Intimate Wedding Venue-Patrick, host


Coastal Cliffs Intimate Wedding Venue-Barbara, host


Our Offerings

We feel very blessed to be able to share our beautiful property with others for their most joyous of celebrations. We open our home to you so you can experience the oceans’ many intoxicating moods.

What we offer goes far beyond the venue itself, it lies in our unconditional commitment to you. It is our hearts’ desire to support and co-create your vision throughout the planning process. We hope to be part of memories that will last a lifetime.

Our Promise To You

We promise an openhearted welcome as we share our home and this uniquely beautiful and stunning location...

We promise to hold your time with us as your special time, with you as the star...

We promise to listen carefully and understand your wants and needs, and to prepare for your event by staying abreast of changes that may impact your stay.

Most Sincerely,
Patrick and Barbara
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